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Liebert NX Series Online UPS
Enterprise-Scale UPS Protection 250kVA-800kVA

Introducing the Liebert NX 250-800kVA, a next generation three-phase UPS solution from Emerson Network Power. The Liebert NX delivers the best combination of availability, reliability and energy-efficiency. It presents an industry-leading features such as intelligent energy management that promotes efficient energy measures in the infrastructure and outstanding power protection technology that is designed to use less energy, generate less CO2, less space requirement in order to provide significa
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Total cost of 
ownership (TCO)



• Ultra high efficiency up to 95.3% 
  in double conversion mode up 
  to 99.3 % in intelligent ECO 

• Reduces carbon footprint and 
  saves significant energy cost

• Strong .9 o/p PF loading 

• Provide 12% more active 
  power(kW) than conventional 
  architecture based UPS

• Wide voltage and frequency 

• Wide input parameter range 
  ensure UPS always run on utility 
  power results thus prolong 
  battery life

• Highest power density in its 
  range, accommodate 500 kVA 
  in <1.1 MSq space

• High power density and small 
  footprint deliver more kilowatts 
  per square foot for efficient 
  space utilization




• Intelligent Battery Management

• Maximizes battery performance, 
  life and reliability

• Standard built-in D class 
  lighting protection

• Integrated powerful protection 
  against surges

• Input PF >.99 , THDi <5%

• Eliminate need for generator 
  over sizing, excellent 
  compatibility with generator




• Standard built in top and bottom 
  cable exit

• Eliminate requirement for external 
  enclosure and reduce complexity

• Standard built in LBS and smart 
  parallel function

• Ensure trouble free installation 
  and commissioning




• Granular design architecture

• Low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

• Standard manual bypass switch

• Trouble free maintenance




• Equipped with Advanced 
  Communication Options

• Compatible with most of the 
  advanced communication 
  platform including SNMP, 
  MODBUS etc

• User friendly multi-lingual 
  intuitive large LCD HMI

• Intuitive LCD equipped with 
  superior feature tracks multiple
  parameter simultaneously 
  including efficiency graph etc

• Service and fault diagnosis 
  powered by black box function

• Over 150 electrical parameter 
  are monitored and updated in 
  every 10ms