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Liebert Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
10kA to 160kA TVSS

Surge protection Solutions for small to large Distribution Panels
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1. Liebert TVSS enhances overall Power System Performance and throughput. Reduces equipment malfunction, Hardware failures, and downtime.

2. Protects Vital Computers and POS Systems from Hard Drive Crashes Data loss and Corruption. Isolates Sensitive Electronics from Electrical Pollution.

3. Reduces service and maintenance calls and resulting replacement Costs.

4. Extends the life of all Electrical appliances, Sensitive electronic controls and Automated equipment.

5. Protects your entire electrical system from the Power Surges and Spikes that originate from Internal or External Causes.

6. Promotes greater operating efficiency of Motors, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Appliances, and wiring, by lowering operating stress and heat buildup.

7. Dramatically extends the life of lamps and electronic ballasts, which reduces the frequency, frustration, and costs of ballast, lamp and bulb replacement.

8. Often reduces Insurance costs by reducing the risk-level of vital equipment, data, and downtime losses.

9.  Eliminates Transient Build-up and promotes greater overall operating efficiency and system reliability.

10. Liebert TVSS Protection modules provides both "Catastrophic" and "Preventative" protection of all your critical electronics, computer and telecom equipment, as it quietly preserves your total electric Investment.