• Liebert ITA 5-40KVA

    Liebert ITA is a full featured transformer free scalable UPS designed to offer compact, efficient and reliable power to power thirsty modern electronic gadgets.

  • Liebert ITA2 UPS

    In today’s dynamic world, it is not enough for enterprises to have basic power protection. With digital trends constantly emerging and transforming the way you do business, business continuity is all the more vital. You simply cannot afford downtime in your critical system or waste time recovering these systems after a disruption. What you need is a robust, high-speed, reliable UPS system, which offers perennial, round-the-clock protection to diverse application needs.

  • Liebert S600

    The Liebert S600 is a fully-digital, highly reliable, double-conversion UPS solution that delivers clean and consistent power. This highly efficient solution is ideal for various deployments, whether it’s IT racks, network closets, automation control systems, and precision instruments to small-sized control rooms among other edge applications.

  • Liebert Network Power Switch

    Vertiv’s Liebert NPS provides rapid switching between two independent AC power sources, for uninterrupted operation of critical electronic equipment. Liebert NPS proven power switching technology allows dual AC power paths all the way up to the critical load, for the ultimate in AC power system redundancy, power availability and fault tolerance.

  • Liebert Network Power Switch I and II

    The NPS-I and NPS-II switches allow instantaneous transfer of load between two power sources. It can be used to ensure complete redundancy of power supply up to the last piece of wire. It useful in many applications where redundant power supply is available, either from two UPS systems or one UPS and bypass source.

  • Liebert NX 250kVA – 1000kVA

    The Liebert NX delivers the best combination of availability, reliability and energy-efficiency. It presents industry-leading features such as intelligent energy management that promotes efficient energy measures in the infrastructure and outstanding power protection technology that is designed to use optimum energy, generate less co2 and occupy optimum footprint in order to provide significant cost savings.

  • Liebert NXC 10kVA – 60kVA

    Liebert NXC offer reliable and flexible secure power in a fully integrated package solution. It comes complete with highly efficient transformer-free double conversion technology providing installation and running cost savings.