In order to keep up with the fast-paced technological advancements, all things around us need modifications to work faster and more efficiently, and that too having it as compact as possible. And data centers are no different. But, buying or upgrading a data center can be an arduous task for an organization due to some prominent factors like PRICE, PLACE, PROGRESS, which we call P3.

Yes, these 3 elements play a vital role in the decision making of buying or even upgrading a data center for any organization, as these elements of P3 eventually impacts every organization and their business structure as a whole.

By PRICE, we mean the Budget; PLACE refers to the area/location (at your end or vice versa) where you want the product to be installed/delivered or service to avail; And PROGRESS means if that product or service gets updated or upgraded keeping its quality intact, with the advancement of your business.

Prasa, with its significant 29+ years of experience in the data center industry, understands the intricacies of an organization and the criticalities of their business. Hence, Prasa focuses on all the elements of P3 (PRICE. PLACE. PROGRESS) to deliver the best possible data center solution to its customers and that is Prasa Infocom’s EdgeCenter.

Prasa’s Edgecenter solutions are a viable alternative to traditional data center deployments for organizations of this millennial era. Our EdgeCenter solutions drive a company’s growth with its following features/advantages.

Let’s deep dive on how Prasa’s EdgeCenter is considered best in the market and how it helps grow a company and supports in maintaining an organization’s pace.

With our EdgeCenter solutions, we ensure quick deployment of prefabricated data centers that are compact, fast, efficient, and reliable. These data centers come in an all-in-one box that delivers unparalleled flexibility, energy efficiency, great cooling, scalable capacity, and better PUE.

If you have very little or no space to dedicate to a data center in your organization, this is the best option for you. The EdgeCenter solutions that we provide are basically modular data centers, i.e., data centers in a box that encapsulate integrated rack systems, power systems, cabling systems, cooling systems, fire-fight systems, and other prefabricated electrical and mechanical systems.

A 360 KW EdgeCenter Site

Containerized data center area

After discussing your requirements, we can implement it at your specified site in just a few days. The best part is that these are portable, so you can easily move them as per your requirements. We ensure that the EdgeCenters are thoroughly tested before delivery as well as after deployment by our skilled professionals. Prasa’s EdgeCenter is designed in such a way that it can be expanded easily, horizontally or vertically, optimizing the required storage space.

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EdgeCenter brochure and Video