• HashRaQ® – Micro-modular Rack-based Immersion Cooling System

    Make crypto mining more profitable, slash data center capex and opex, mine different currencies based upon relative profitability and respond quickly to market fluctuations.

    With minimal site requirements, HashRaQ, micro-modular server cooling systems from GRC significantly reduce the cost of building, running and expanding a successful blockchain computing operation.

  • HashTank® – Modular Immersion Cooling System for Blockchain Applications

    Want to add blockchain computing power but don’t have a facility? Need to go where there’s clean, affordable power? HashTank immersion cooling solutions by GRC are the answer.

    They’re turnkey mining data centers built inside ISO shipping containers, giving you total location flexibility — even for adverse conditions. You provide the power, water, and network. We do the rest.

  • ICEraQ® – Micro-modular, Rack-based Immersion Cooling System

    Whether you’re running AI, public cloud computing, private cloud storage, a high-frequency trading operation, or an on-premises data center, ICEraQ micro-modular, liquid cooling solutions from GRC can help you achieve unprecedented cost, performance, and space efficiencies.

    With minimal site requirements and a modular design, ICEraQ server cooling systems significantly reduce the expense of building, running, and expanding data centers.

  • ICEtank® – Modular Liquid Immersion Cooling System

    Need to add computing power in the middle of nowhere? Want to expand your data center but only have a parking lot to do so? Can’t move everything to the cloud and need to find a hybrid approach for storage? Data center running out of capacity? ICEtank immersion cooling solutions from Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) are the answer.

    ICEtanks are turnkey, modular data centers in a container with complete cooling and power infrastructure that give you total location flexibility – even for adverse conditions.

  • The New ICEraQ Series 10

    Offering nearly twice the cooling performance of its forerunners—and more yet than most legacy systems, the new ICEraQ Series 10 immersion cooling system can truly help you shatter barriers of heat, space, power, budget, and sustainability.

    Leap forward while cutting back on CAPEX, OPEX, TCO, and maintenance. Conserve water. Save energy with an amazingly low PUE. Plus, reduce your compute footprint dramatically.

    Unlimited IT is critical to success in today’s data-driven world. So don’t settle for unremarkable performance. Turn your data center up to 10 with the new ICEraQ Series 10 from GRC.