ICEraQ® – Micro-modular, Rack-based Immersion Cooling System

ICEraQ® – Micro-modular, Rack-based Immersion Cooling System

Whether you’re running AI, public cloud computing, private cloud storage, a high-frequency trading operation, or an on-premises data center, ICEraQ micro-modular, liquid cooling solutions from GRC can help you achieve unprecedented cost, performance, and space efficiencies.

With minimal site requirements and a modular design, ICEraQ server cooling systems significantly reduce the expense of building, running, and expanding data centers.

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ICEraQ®, Micro-Modular Solutions Include:

  • CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) + racks
  • Racks filled with our proprietary ElectroSafe liquid immersion coolant
  • GRC’s Foresight monitoring and alerts application
  • Mirrored System, with 2N redundant pumps
  • Integrated cable management
  • Rack-mounted service rails for easy server maintenance and hot swaps
  • One-year limited warranty including 24/7 on-call GRC support staff and 24/7 remote monitoring

ICEraQ One

For extreme high-power GPU computing-, ASIC- and FPGA-based applications, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Performance Computing (HPC) and more.

  • 1 immersion-cooled rack supported by 100kW CDU
  • The only system in the market handling up to 100 kW/rack
  • Enables scaling in single-rack increments

Product Specs

ICEraQ Duo

For most high-GPU server applications including Artificial Intelligence (AI), geosciences (O & G exploration), High-Performance Computing (HPC) and more.

  • 2 immersion-cooled racks supported by a 100kW CDU
  • Cools high-power GPU servers up to 50 kW/rack (AC max=15 kW)
  • Enables scaling in 2-rack increments

Product Specs

ICEraQ Quad

For cloud technology/on-premises data centers and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) data centers.

  • 4 immersion-cooled racks supported by a 100kW CDU
  • Supports densities up to 25 kW/rack
  • Enables scaling in 4-rack increments

Product Specs

Advantages & Benefits of ICEraQ

  • Cut cooling energy by up to 95%
  • Compatible with leading OEM servers
  • Attain an mPUE <1.05
  • Lower upfront costs 50%
  • Reduce server power draw 10-20%
  • Cool up to 100 kW in a single rack
  • Enables high-density data center layouts
  • CPU-/GPU-agnostic
  • Fast deployment: 10-12 weeks
  • Enables Scaling in 1-4 Rack Increments.

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