Liebert APM 400kW – 600kW

Liebert APM 400kW – 600kW

The Liebert APM UPS series is a transformer-free, on-line intuitive system that offers peak, top-notch availability and enables you to quickly increase the capacity without powering down or compromising on the connected equipment; all in a minimal footprint.

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400-600 kW


  • Ultra-high availability
  • Energy Efficient and Superior Performance
  • 24/7 Remote Diagnostic Service (Optional)
  • Flex Power Technology
  • Energy Efficient and Superior Performance


  • Hot Swappable Power Modules (50kW) Assembly
  • Monitoring Interface Ports
  • Input, Output, Bypass & M. Bypass Switch Assembly
  • Hot Swappable Static Bypass Module Assembly
  • Hot Swappable Power Modules (50kW)

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