“ASPIRE” Annual Business Review Event 2018

“ASPIRE” Annual Business Review Event 2018

YBR Event 2018

Prasa Infocom & Power Solutions conducted an Yearly Business Review event – ASPIRE, on Saturday, 20th October 2018, held at JW Marriott, Pune. The event/meeting was an ensemble of the overall business achievements and accomplishments in the year 2017-18, the business expansion plan for the year 2018-19, organizational enhancement as a whole, awards & accolades ceremony, and the celebration of completing 25 successful years including team building activities, breakfast, and lunch. All the employees of Mumbai and Kolhapur branch with Head Office (Pune) branch participated and graced the event with their presence.

The event was named ASPIRE – “Ambitions that See Progress In Reinventing Endeavors”. It means an ambition should be strong enough that even if it fails to achieve its goal by following a pathway, it should still have a strong desire to continue to achieve the goal by assessing, re-strategizing, and reinventing the way.

The event started off with a welcome note by Mr. Prakash Burse – Founder and MD, where he shed some light on the year’s major accomplishments, the association’s financial aspects, and new program initiatives for the coming year. He also shared his experience on how he started the company with a vision and now it has been a ‘dream come true’ state, which has happened gradually over the years by putting hard work, planning, and dedication towards it. He even addressed many questions and aspirations of the employees and shared his thoughts on how employees can reach their desired goals in life. “Even if you’re busy, tired, or have other things to do in your daily routine; if you are carving out a chunk of time to assess, work, and review your aspirations, you are significantly improving your chance of achieving your goal.” said Mr. Burse.

Mr. Jay Burse – Director-Business Development then took over the meeting with addressing the future business plans and strategy, the aspirations of Prasa Infocom & Power Solutions. He explained how Prasa has evolved its business model over the years keeping the mind the market trends and the data center needs of the future. Also, how we can enhance the organization in terms of employee centricity, client satisfaction, and business alignment with the market, he added. He majorly focused on Prasa’s future strategy to delivering compact data centers named “Edge Computing Enclosures” to the market that will be 20-30% less costly than traditional data centers yet will deliver high efficiency (less than 1.3 PUE), and high adaptability with the next-gen applications and technologies. Also, these data centers will be space-optimized, that means they won’t require a large room-space to get installed. Even, they can be assembled easily, horizontally or vertically, optimizing the required storage space.

The annual revenue statistics and the aspects of system integration were highlighted by our Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Mayuresh Kajwadkar. He elaborated the revenue-wise achievements of Prasa and how financial policies & regulations are followed and managed by the company. Mrs. Neeta Paiyawal – Service Head, and Mrs. Lalita Sankpal – Sr. Business Development Manager (AMC) collectively addressed the service accretion of Prasa.

After lunch, the event moved from the highly ardent business conversations to motivational awards & accolades ceremony, and then to fun & frolic filled team building activities. Prasa appreciated the hard work of its employees via awards and accolades ceremony, which was comprised of honors like ‘Best Employee of the Year’, ‘Innovative Employee of the Year, ‘Best Sales Employee’ and many more. The awards cheered up the employees and motivated them to perform better every next day.

The zeal and excitement among the employees during the event was the cynosure of all eyes. Prasa Infocom thanks everyone for making this event a successful one.

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